Indicator 13

State and federal expenditures dedicated to improving the K–12 STEM teaching workforce

Indicator 13 is concerned with state and federal expenditures dedicated to improving the K-12 STEM teaching workforce.

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Priority: Medium

Neither the Monitoring Progress committee nor the STEM Indicator advisory group considered this indicator a priority. Experts consulted indicated that obtaining data would require considerable time and resources. However, the recent 5-Year Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Strategic Plan produced by the Obama Administration states that one of the Administration’s top goals is to “provide additional resources to meet specific national goals, such as preparing and recruiting 100,000 high-quality K-12 STEM teachers” (National Science and Technology Council, 2013). At this time, there are three types of activities that SRI can engage in, and the development of items that are easy to measure for future collections is the top priority of those activities.

Operational Definition

Indicator 13 is defined as state and federal expenditures targeted for one of the STEM fields or STEM in general that are designed to increase the supply of K-12 STEM teachers, reduce attrition from that workforce, or improve the quality of K-12 STEM teaching. Experts advised concentrating near-term efforts to monitor this indicator on professional development activities supported by federal and state funding. Any information collected should distinguish preservice preparation from in-service professional development. More work is needed to define what other components of workforce development (such as investments in recruitment costs, differential pay, alternative credentials) should be measured for Indicator 13 longer term.

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