Blank (2015)

STEM Indicators: Implementing a Model for Reporting and Research on State Assessment Policies for K-12 Science and Mathematics Education

Rolf Blank, University of Chicago

The project is funded in response to the Dear Colleague Letter Indicators for Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K- 12 STEM Education. The project will focus on Indicator 12: States’ use of assessments that measure the core concepts and practices of science and mathematics disciplines. The project will develop a web portal of relevant information, augmented by state submissions, about each state’s assessments in mathematics and science. This portal would serve as a basis for an indicator that would allow key stakeholders in STEM education to both track and report, across states and over time, these important assessment policies.

The project will work with a team of survey researchers and web developers, building upon a previously funded pilot project, to develop a web portal. The project staff will pre-populate the database supporting the web portal with publicly available information about state mathematics and science tests and their alignment to the state’s standards. They will supplement these data with survey data collected from each state’s assessment director, as well as state mathematics and science supervisors. The web portal will allow users to consider alignment information and make comparisons across states and over time.

See NSF award information.

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